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Unlock the power of your data

Unlock the power of your data

Streamline your digital operations and workflow

Cross-industry experience

The Connecta team brings decades of first-hand, industry specific knowledge and experience to your project

Healthcare - Providers

Our team has designed and implemented numerous application platforms for the healthcare industry. Our clients include hospitals, radiology practices, imaging centers and healthcare billing/collection companies. Whether you need to integrate desperate data into a cohesive reporting tool or create a proprietary information platform, the Connecta team can deliver an application that is designed to fit your specifications.

Healthcare - HL7/FHIR

Connecta provides customized HL7 and FHIR messaging solutions that are tailored to match your workflow needs, delivering valuable data insight tools that help you navigate and predict trends.  

Real Estate

No matter what real estate sector your business is focused on, Connecta can help you leverage and take control of your data.  Our clients span numerous areas of real estate, including appraisal, hospitality, build-to-suit and apartment communities. 


Energy production involves detailed instrument monitoring with rigorous reporting requirements. Connecta works with all types of energy producers to implement custom solutions, including web- and app- enabled databases.

Other Industries

While Connecta has depth of experience in the above industries, our team is ready and able to engage in new project opportunities.  We are confident that our team can deliver a database-driven application and/or workflow automation solution that fits your needs, no matter your industry.  

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